Custom High Pressure Cleaning Machine Cleaning Method

Use the cleaning method of Custom High Pressure Cleaning Machine.


Common faults and solutions of high-pressure cleaners

   With the gradual progress of urbanization and the continuous expansion of the scale of the city, we need to pay more attention to the surrounding environment. This requires us to remove all the silt around the city and give everyone a clean living environment. Use the cleaning method of Custom High Pressure Cleaning Machine.

   The use of machinery has liberated our hands. The introduction of ultra-high pressure industrial washing machines not only facilitates our lives, but also serves as a nemesis to some sanitary corners, such as kitchens in canteens, outdoor swimming pools and public toilets. Sorting played a big role.

   In the operation of the ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning machine, water passes through the inlet valve and then through the washing tank, and then the pressure pump is sprayed through the nozzle. If the machine is heated, it will be heated again in the output device through the time of the oil tank, so in the case of a machine failure, it is usually related to these components. First of all, if there are no parts in the ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning machine, there is no problem. Now tighten the screws to see if any parts are damaged, and replace them in time.


  Secondly, clean tap water should be used during the operation of ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning machines. If there is no water, check for foreign matter in the water inlet valve, and then clean the nozzle. If it is a high-pressure cleaner with heating function, check if the oil is clean and there is no iron filings and other powder at the bottom of the box. Are there any sediments that have been deposited before?


   Third, during the operation time, according to the operation of the clarification rules and procedures, if it is not possible, the machine may not work. First, turn off the hot water and wait for the hot water to be completely after the volcanic eruption ends and the machine now has no heat at all.


   Fourth, check whether the hose is aging due to frequent use of detergent, check whether there is any foreign matter in the nozzle, and the filter is not clogged. Whether the wires outside the high-voltage pipe are broken or frayed will affect the normal operation of the machine.


The daily protection of the Pressure Washers Factory ultra-high pressure industrial cleaning machine should ensure the stability of the water flow before use, the connection between the cabinets is normal, there is no impurities in the cabinet, the filter and the motor should always be checked for debris and whether the ribbon is broken. . Regardless of whether it is smooth or not, use water to clean the local cleaner to prevent machine corrosion.