How do you get a Suspended Facebook Account back?

Here you will get all information about how to recover suspended Facebook account. So, read this content till the end.

If you are a Facebook user whose Facebook account has been suspended by Facebook and you are looking for the answer to how to recover suspended Facebook account then this is the right place for you as here we will give you the ways to get your account back.

Reasons for the suspension of the Facebook account – 

Before getting to the answers let us look first at the reasons that caused the problem of Facebook account suspended

  1. You used a Fake identity 
  2. Your account is reported by someone 
  3. You had an illegal login attempt
  4. You have posted some offensive content on your account 
  5. You tried logging into your account from an unknown destination 


Solutions for the problems you have been facing – 

Here are some of the ways you can try to recover your Facebook account suspended for 30 days – 

  1. You can try filing an appeal to Facebook so that you can convey your problem to Facebook that your account was mistakenly suspended and hence should be recovered back. 
  2. The users can also try doing the photo identification by which you prove that you do not have a fake identity or a fake Facebook account but you are a genuine one. 
  3. Another way can be to answer the security question to verify that you are the owner of the account and are trying to get back your suspended account. 


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