Youth most played cartoon online games of 2022

Following are the best cartoon online games of 2022.

Following are the best cartoon online games of 2022.


Borderlands 3 uses cell-shading technology, which turns the visual style of the game into something between a cartoon and a comic book . In terms of gameplay, this is a hurricane cooperative shooter with a basillion of gun options and black humor.



An adventure game in the spirit of Pokémon, only instead of them, the Temtem universe is inhabited by other creatures. It is them that the players will have to study, tame and use in multiplayer battles. And also - to build and decorate houses, meet and chat, explore huge islands and do other things. The project is constantly expanding, updated with fresh content, so it's never boring here.



The royal battle of magicians, where various spells play the role of melee and firearms: players levitate, shoot fireballs and lightning, throw objects at opponents and invent devastating combinations of spells. Spellbreak looks great thanks to the combination of cartoonish visual style and bright effects of casting spells, illuminating locations with colorful flashes. You can download the game for free.


Domestic MMORPG , in which magic and technology are wonderfully intertwined. Here, players are waiting for rich adventures and even the opportunity to acquire their own castle , and there will be entertainment for both PvE adepts and PvP fans.



A kingdom simulator that literally looks like a Family Guy or The Simpsons cartoon. At the disposal of each of the players is their own castle with subjects, and their goal is to ascend the throne and conquer the whole world. The game was created for mobile platforms, but it also works on PC using an emulator.



The popular Brawl Stars is a 3v3 MOBA where players control heroes and fight for wealth and glory. The game contains several modes, many maps and a huge variety of customization, while it is available absolutely free. This is a mobile project, but you can also download it on a PC.



Exclusive to PS5 , an online action game where players control characters with unique abilities and take on rivals in arenas. Each fighter has their own vehicle and matches are full of collisions, crashes and devastating explosions. Due to the limited list of platforms, Destruction All-Stars is not very popular, but if you have a PlayStation 5 console , it's worth checking out.



Explosive online shooter with rockets - not dodgeball, but close to them: players must knock opponents out of the arena using weapons and character abilities. This is a bright and fun game without serious violence, and it is great as an entertainment to spend time with your child and other family members.



It Takes Two is not an MMO game, but it requires two players, so it formally fits the theme of our selection. Including in terms of visual style - beautiful and cartoonish. Starring spouses Cody and May, who have shrunk into dolls and are now looking for a way to become "normal". The game is full of exciting adventures and humor, constantly changing genres and gives an unforgettable adventure for two !




Browser multiplayer strategy in the setting of the Middle Ages , which, among dozens of other similar projects, is favorably distinguished by bright cartoon graphics. Otherwise, the "Game of Emperors" offers the usual set of features: the construction of cities with their subsequent management (collecting taxes, extracting resources, studying technologies, etc.), and battles on the global map, with the ability to enter into an alliance with other players.



A popular browser game with cartoony graphics and a strong focus on social interaction. The protagonist of Farm Zombie is a friendly zombie who, along with his fellow tribesmen, is arranging a farm on a magical island. At the same time, a lot of attention is paid to mutual assistance between players: you can ask your friends in the game for the missing resources, or, on the contrary, send them something as a gift.