Where is the advantage of SMT chip processing technology reflected?

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As a new generation of electronic assembly technology, SMT PCB assembly chip processing is compared with traditional through-hole insertion technology, where are its technical advantages? Let the Shenzhen PCB manufacturer explain it for you in detail:

1. High assembly precision, small size and light weight of electronic products. Compared with the traditional through-hole insertion technology, the use of SMT can reduce the volume of electronic products by 60% and reduce the quality by 75%.
2. High reliability and strong earthquake resistance. Automated production is adopted, with high reliability in mounting and welding, and the general defective solder joint rate is less than 0.001%. Since the mounted components are small, light, and highly reliable, the seismic resistance of the product naturally becomes higher.
3. Good high frequency characteristics. Because the chip components are firmly mounted, usually no lead or short lead, it reduces the influence of parasitic inductance and parasitic capacitance, reduces electromagnetic interference, and greatly improves the high-frequency characteristics of the circuit.
4. Cost reduction. The application of SMT reduces the use area of ​​the PCB board and enables the rapid development of chip components; at the same time, it simplifies the production process of electronic products and reduces production costs.
5. It is convenient for automated production. For through-hole insertion to be fully automated, it is necessary to expand the area of ​​the original PCB board by 40%, so that the insertion head of the automatic insertion machine can insert the components, otherwise there is not enough space gap. The automatic placement machine adopts vacuum suction nozzle to suck and release the components, which is beneficial to increase the installation density and pcb fabrication facilitate automatic production.