Causes and technical treatment of poor solder mask

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PCB circuit board manufacturers should all encounter the problem of poor printing of the ink in the solder mask process, and then need to waste manpower to wash the board and reprint such a rework step, which is very time-consuming and will delay the delivery of the PCB board. So how do pcb assembly china circuit boards avoid this bad problem and deal with bad circuit boards that have already occurred?

When the customer who purchased the circuit board was urging the PCB supplier to deliver, did he hear that the supplier responded that the delivery time was delayed? The problem is that the solder mask process needs to be washed and redone? Generally, this problem occurs for a reason. For example, PCB circuit board ink blistering, ink shedding, and poor ink quality can cause defects in the solder mask process of PCB boards. We can all avoid these defects, but why do they cause problems.

In fact, PCB circuit board manufacturers must clean up the dirt and dust left on the surface of the circuit board in the early steps of solder mask, otherwise the circuit board is prone to ink blistering and partial area oxidation.

Ink peeling off during solder mask is a post-baking process when solder mask is done. This process is to bake the PCB board at a high temperature. This will happen if the baking time is too long or the temperature is not enough. It is a kind of bad problem, so to avoid this problem, you need to adjust the baking time and temperature accurately.

In addition, if the quality of the ink is not good enough, it will be easy for the ink to fall off or other bad problems. So when choosing a Medical PCB manufacturing circuit board manufacturer to cooperate, you need to know the supplier of its raw materials.