Several factors affecting the price of high temperature hose

Answer three factors affecting the price of high temperature hose:


Answer three factors affecting the price of high temperature hose:

In fact, in many cases, different materials or different appearances will cause the price of high-temperature hoses to vary greatly, due to various reasons, such as differences in technology and materials. A good high-temperature hose, from the selection of materials to the requirements of the process, every process is very rigorous.

High temperature hose:

1. The inner diameter of the hose generally covers a range of 50-900mm. In principle, the larger the hose diameter, the higher the cost, and the more expensive the corresponding price.

2. Material selection

Material is the basic requirement for high temperature hose quality assurance. It is necessary to determine which material of the hose to use according to the customer's application conditions, which requires us to be very familiar with the customer's working conditions, and to make strict choices on the applicability of the hose. If the material is not properly selected, then the appropriate tube cannot be selected.

3. Process treatment

Different materials require different processes. For example, clamp structure, winding structure, extrusion structure and so on. The responsibility of not using the process is also a key factor in different costs.

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